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War of the Visions

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Short about War of the Visions

War of the Visions is a mobile game that’s part of the Final Fantasy series. And the story takes place in the same universe as its predecessor called FFBE or Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Since the settings for both games is in the World of Lapis. While Brave Exvius follows turned based gameplay, War of the Visions is of the tactical gameplay.

In Ardora, a continent in War of the Visions, the lands are not very peaceful. Because of the different factions and kingdoms fighting for supremacy. And the story unfolds as you follow a young man called Mont Leonis.

(You can check Ardora and factions explained in the War of the Visions trailer).

He will take you through the lands of Ardora as he encounters powerful soldiers, mages and warriors from the powerful kingdoms in WotV.

(Check the awesome trailer from E3 2019 below, showcasing some of the characters)

The game is totally free to play and is available in both ios and android. It’s great to see another original title game published by Square Enix to be of the Final Fantasy Tactics Series.

Find out about the abilities and stats of the many different characters of War of the Visions below…

Unit List

UnitNameRarityMain Job
War of the Visions Mont Leonis iconMont LeonisSSRWarrior
War of the Visions Sterne Leonis iconSterne LeonisURSoldier
War of the Visions Fina iconFinaSSRWhite Mage of Lapis
War of the Visions Y'shtola iconY'shtolaSSRWitch
War of the Visions Xizu iconXizuURMonk
War of the Visions Engelbert iconEngelbertURPaladin
War of the Visions Ayaka IconAyakaURWhite Mage
War of the Visions Jerma IconJermaURViking
War of the Visions Mediena IconMedienaURBlack Mage
War of the Visions Ramada IconRamadaSSRLancer
War of the Visions Schuzelt iconSchuzeltSSRSoldier
War of the Visions Gaffgarion iconGaffgarionSSRDark Knight
War of the Visions Inori iconInoriSSRWhite Mage
War of the Visions Erde Leonis iconErde LeonisURLancer
War of the Visions Ramza iconRamzaURSquire
War of the Visions Tsubuyaki iconTsubuyakiSRRed Mage
War of the Visions Federica iconFedericaURGunner
War of the Visions Orlandeau iconOrlandeauURSword Saint
War of the Visions Macherie Hourne iconMachérie HourneURCleric
War of the Visions Gilgamesh iconGilgameshURThe Winged One
War of the Visions Miranda iconMirandaURRed Mage
War of the Visions Irene iconIreneURLancer
War of the Visions Robb Hourne iconRobb HourneURSamurai
War of the Visions Khury Wezette iconKhury WezetteSSRHunter
War of the Visions Drand iconDrandSSRViking
War of the Visions Lilyth IconLilythSSRKnight


Intro-icon-War of the VisionsIntro

About the game

War of the Visions is a mobile game from the Final Fantasy series. And the story is set in the same universe as its predecessor FFBE or Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. While FFBE is focused around the crystal, War of the Visions is focused around war between different factions and countries.

Japan release and translation

The game as of right now is only released in Japan. Which means that the game will be in Japanese. But do not worry, that’s what this website is for. As i will be translating as much as i can of War of the Visions. Such as units, menus, events, news and so on. And my goal is to make global players, and myself, to be able to enjoy the game even if it’s in another language.

War of the Visions Global release

The game was believed to be released in both Japan and global at first, but it didn’t turn out that way. And there is no set date for when the global version will come. But do not lose hope. As the game will come and probably in the coming months in 2020.

Advantage of late release

While it kinda sucks that we cannot play the game in English. And that’s one of the reason why this website exists. There is some advantages to it in my opinion.

Because right now in War of the Visions more units keeps getting released. And it’s hard to tell which one is better without first pulling and testing them. Therefore, there is no tier list right now. Even if there was, chances are higher that they are inaccurate. And with the short time frame between each released units, it’s hard to know which one to aim for. Even more so with the event units.

While we probably will not get the christmas event units when we get a global release. We at least can know if units such as Fina and Y’shtola is worth focusing on. Or if the Final Fantasy tactics crossover units are worth it. But I have to say they look pretty badass.


Until the global release I will translate the game to the best of my ability. And create guides when I get to actually play the game and not just translate. So that players who’s not playing right now and waiting for the global version, can have a smooth start.

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