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Visions Cards

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Visions Cards List

Visions CardNameRarityGrant EffectParty AbilityHPATKMAG
War of the Visions Visions Card Run through the Snowy FieldRun Through the Snowy FieldURAgility+1%Thrusting Attack+5+33+35+21
War-of-the-Visions-Visions-Card-Bewitching-Sound-at-the-Watershed-SirenBewitching Sound at the Watershed - SirenURWater-element ability attack resistance+2Water-element ability attack UP+15+38+16+34
War of the Visions Visions Card Rock Giant - GolemRock Giant - GolemUREarth-element ability attack resistance+2MAX HP+7%+64+16+10
War of the Visions Visions Card The One Who Freezes Everything - ShivaThe One Who Freezes Everything - ShivaURIce-element ability attack resistance+2Avoidance-rate UP+6+42+5+43
War of the Visions Visions Card Thundering in the Sky - RamuhThundering in the Sky - RamuhURLightning-element ability attack resistance+2Magic power UP+15%+34+21+34
War of the Visions Visions Card Heir of BeoulveHeir of BeoulveURSlash Attack UP+2Agility UP+2%+21+37+23
War of the Visions Visions Card To Become Stronger Than AnyoneTo Become Stronger Than AnyoneURCritical Rate+2Reduce Casting Time-25+37+48+5
War of the Visions Visions Card Secret LifeSecret LifeSSRAgility UP+5% · Spirit DOWN-5Slash Attack UP+10+29+26+22
War of the Visions Visions Card The Screams that ResoundThe Screams that ResoundURAttack Weakness Resistance+5Slash Attack UP+15+44+43+3
War of the Visions Visions Card Raging Monster - BehemothRaging Monster - BehemothSSRBeast Killer+2 · Agility UP+2%Thrust Attack Resistance+5+42+33+3
War of the Visions Visions Card A Sharpened ConcentrationA Sharpened ConcentrationSSRHit-rate UP+5 · Spirit DOWN-5Ranged Attack UP+10+25+30+22
War of the Visions Visions Card Curse of Impurity - MalboroCurse of Impurity - MalboroSSRConfusion Resistance UP+3Blow Attack UP+10+41+8+27

What is Visions Card?

Visions Cards is something similar to equipments in War of the Visions. As it can give your unit and your team different stats boosts. Which is what we will talk about in this section:

All Visions Cards has 3 stats of their own, Grant effect and Party ability.

The 3 stats are in the following order: HP, Attack power and Magic power. And when equipped the stats are additive to your units stats. Which means the stats stated on the Visions Card will be added to your unit’s stats.

Now taking a look at the next thing on the Visions Card we have Grant effect. Grant effect is a stats boost to the unit who has it equipped. And the stats boost you can get from Grant effect can range from stats boost by %, to increasing Slash attack damage, to increasing element resistance, and even decreasing one of your stats while increasing another.

Lastly we have Party ability, which as it sounds is an stats boost for your whole party. I guess here is where you strategize your build around your unit and/or team.

Equipping Visions Card

Unlike weapons, you don’t equip the Visions Cards in your home menu where you can find your unit tab, armory tab, team tab etc. But in the team choosing menu just before you enter a battle. Just as you can see below:

Differences between rarity of Visions Cards

There are 2 main differences between Visions Cards. And considering these differences and the uniqueness of each card (combination of stats given, Grant effect and Party ability) can be crucial to the strength of your team. Not to mention the resources needed to upgrade the cards.

But enough with that, let’s start by taking a look at the first difference…


Yes, each rarity grade of Visions Cards have different max level they can reach. Which means the amount of stats you can get from is different. In other words, rarer cards will scale better. As you can see below:

Visions Cards Rarity Levels

As you can see from the image:

  • R has the lowest base level (20) and max level increase (5) per star unlocked.
  • SR has the same base level as R (20) but 5 more max level increase (10) per star unlocked.
  • SSR has higher base level than R and SSR (30) and same max level increase as SSR (10) per star unlocked.
  • UR not only has higher base level than all the other rarity (40) but higher max level increase (15) per star unlocked as well.

But the difference between rarity does not end here. Which leads us to Awakening bonus…

Awakening Bonus

The Awakening bonus is something you only can find in SSR and UR Visions Cards (as of writing this, I am not sure if R and SR will unlock Awakening bonus as you unlock more stars). As you can see below:

Visions Cards Awakening Bonus differences

And the Awakening bonus just as it sounds, is bonus stats you get from Awakening stars on the Visions Card. As you can see below:

Visions Cards SR and UR Awakening Bonus difference

Both the SSR and UR have bonuses you can get by unlocking stars on the Visions Card. But what the SSR doesn’t have is the Max Level Bonus the UR have on the right side. And the Max Level Bonus is the bonus you get by totally maxing out the Visions Card.

War of the Visions is a mobile game from the Final Fantasy series. And the story is set in the same universe as its predecessor FFBE or Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. While FFBE is focused around the crystal, War of the Visions is focused around war between different factions and countries.

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