Intro – War of the Visions

Intro-icon-War of the Visions



Ardora continent in Lapis


In this land where the legend of Crystal has been told since ancient times, hegemony goes around, conflicts between nationals never ends.


Leonis, surrounded by great powers and despite being a small kingdom, remained as an existence that was acknowledge for their superiority. The reason for that is the “Ring” given by “The Winged One”.


The ability to use the embodient of Visions for battle was very threatening to other kingdoms.


However, because of crossing with cruel fate, bonds, love, and even friendship quietly becomes undermined.


With many powerful individuals on this land, who will the Crystal smile at at the end?


Dialogue in Tutorial

Tutorial-dialogue-1-War of the Visions

Mont: This village…

Sterne: Brother, are you nervous?

Mont: Since you’re saying that Sterne, are you perhaps… having fun?

Sterne: It’s because we’r able to defeat monsters and I’m able to battle together with with you brother, that’s why. If we only do our duties at the castle, we will be suffocated.

Mont: I see…

Ramada: That’s enough for chatting. There’s enemies… bombs have appeared.

Sterne: Brother…

Mont: Yeah, I know.


Tutorial-dialogue-2-War of the Visions

Mont: I’m going to use the ring borrowed from father. Please lend me power.

Tutorial-dialogue-3-War of the Visions

Tutorial-dialogue-4-War of the Visions

Sterne: So this is a Vision? Alright, end this with your Limit Break brother!

Tutorial-dialogue-5-War of the Visions

Tutorial-dialogue-6-War of the Visions

Sterne: We did it, brother. The village has now been saved. So let’s go back to the castle.

Sterne: As expected from you brother.

Mont: Oh please, I just…

Ramada: No, Mont-Sama. It’s just like Sterne-Sama said.

Sterne: All that’s left is how to gain a lot of experience.

Tutorial-dialogue-7-War of the Visions

Mont: Eh… The Vision disappeared…

Sterne: Still haven’t mastered how to use the ring yet… I guess.

Ramada: Yeah, that seems to be the case.

Ramada: With that said, let’s go. On the way back to the castle I will give you some tips on how to battle.


Summary and Thoughts

First of all, Gilgamesh seems to have a bigger role in the story than i thought. The mentioned “The Winged One” is probably referring to Gilgamesh. As his job is literally called “The Winged One”. And in his background story, it is mentioned that he is the Guardian of Leonis. Probably the reason why he gave the “Ring” to Leonis.

Because of this power obtained from Gilgamesh, despite being a small kingdom, Leonis is acknowledged for their power and able to hold their ground against the surrounding powerful kingdoms.

It is also mentioned that Gilgamesh is waiting for the “Time of Judgement” to arrive. And he’s instigating kings of various places to dye the earth crimson red for that purpose. So the “Time of Judgement” might be referring to War of the Visions. In one of the following chapter, Ramada will talk about the voices of the stars. And the voices is saying “blood and destruction”. And Mont asks if a big war is going to breakout. So there might be a connection between all these things.

While not much is mentioned about the Crystal right now, down the road we will probably hear more about it. Just like how Brave Exvius is focused around Crystal. And there’s also Crystal Sanctum…