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Gran Saga

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Gran Weapon Brigael

Skills Normal Skill: Icicle “Creates ice to attack enemies”. Deals 310% Physical damage to a single enemy. [Boss] Increases Critical Damage by 20%. Increases Critical Rate by 4% for 15 seconds on self (stacks up to 5 times). Skill Cooldown: 11 seconds. MP Consumption: 37.   Liberation Skill: Ice Blossom “Transforms into Verti’s love, Brigael”….

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Gran Weapon Zakiel

Skills Normal Skill: Shining Impact “Fires a light of justice to judge the enemy”. Deals 370% Magic damage to enemies with range. Increase your own Defense by 15% for 15 seconds. Skill Cooldown: 15 seconds. MP Consumption: 50.   Liberation Skill: Angel of Justice “Transforms into an Angel of Justice”. Transform into [Zakiel] for 30…

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