Gran Weapons

Gran Weapons

Story of Gran Weapons

A special relationship with beings that have crossed time and space

There were countless people in the land. They spent their own time, fulfilling their own dreams, pursuing desires, and eventually becoming heroes. Heroes were those who engraved memories on the land. The life of a curved hero painted a spiral that is more beautiful and complex than any other. Joy and sorrow, glory and pain, fierce life, and fleeting death. As much as the time the land ran, the beings on the land also advanced.

The world has always sought heroes, and in response to the call, they are born and passed away. The beginning of life always calls the end, and the end has created a swamp of darkness for those who desire. The great people who existed in the great earth were swallowed up by the darkness where nothing existed and disappeared after my life.

The goddess considered life stupid. It was the land where the goddess fell. The goddess loved those who lived more beautiful and splendid lives on the land of the goddess. The goddess did not abandon the hero who ran the land of life and was swallowed by the swamp of darkness. The mortal fantasies they have created will be reborn with joys and sorrows and above all, with a strong will. There will be a great light to illuminate Esprogen and will receive the voice of the goddess and sprinkle a great and beautiful light on the world that follows.

The blessing of the goddess resides in the soul of the past and the present of you. Their souls will come to you with the will of the goddess. Who wants to be a knight of this world, show a stronger will than anyone else, and resonate with them. Goddess’ blessings will awaken great heroes and transform them into weapons for you.


List of Gran Weapons

Magnus: Flame Chivalry

Magnus, a wandering knight seeking justice. He looks perfect and is even called an “agent of God” but in fact, he is nothing like that.


Mertes: Whirlwind of Silence

Unlike what you would think when you see her, Mertes quickly falls in love. She met many summoners thanks to how she easily responds to their calls, but most of them could not handle Mertes properly.


Ingrid: Ruler of Flames

A perfect knight that doesn’t lack in skill, lineage, and brain. He’s full of pride and confidence in himself. He treats Las who resonated with him as a servant.


Baaljad: Guardian of the Tyrant

The worst knight who served the first tyrant. From generation to generation, it has been summoned only to those with the fate of tyrants. There seems to be a story in her lonely eyes.


Aisha: Queen of the Sea

A spirit and a Queen who was favored by the goddess with her beautiful appearance and voice. After facing a tragic ending, she emerges as a Gran Weapon at the grace of the Holy Tree.


Habaek: Violent Torrent

A river spirit revered as a god by nearby tribes. His outer appearance is as calm as a flowing river, but the inside is as wild as a strong wave.


Hyphox: Water Dragon’s Wrath

The contractor of the water dragon, who was able to make a deal with him in exchange for releasing the curse of the water dragon. The water dragon’s power helps people by pushing drifted fishing boats ashore.


Dolores: Coral Reef Song

The director and conductor of <The Wave Music Club> composed of children abandoned in the sea. Because of Dolores’ poor commanding skills, the band’s performance is a mess.


Samael: Mechanical Angel

The angel of a mechanical civilization that ruled the sky. Samael’s body, which resembles that of a young girl, is the result of being shattered and recreated by the assembler.


Abry: The Devil Who Swallowed the Stars

The hunger that couldn’t be satisfied by eating, the hunger was so intense that she became a demon that even swallowed up the stars in the sky.


Scheherazade: Blessing of Fire

Those who harass Scheherazade are retaliated against by fire. Ever since she was abandoned, her new family has been the forest dragon that guards her.


Telemis: Cloud Serpent’s Priest

Priest Telemis, who followed the cloud dragon that ruled the sky. Because of the destruction of the tribe, she lets her mind drift away, and only occasionally return to reality.


Hegena: Dreaming Shaman

Born under the blessing of the silver moon, Hegena, through her own abilities, joined the twin lions she met in her dreams.


Betha: Bereaved Anger

Betha was a rock spirit in a lush forest. The forest disappeared due to the fires of humans, after Betha found out what happened he punished the humans and left the forest.


Silvano: The Great Sage of Mercy

It was Silvano, the great Sage who resides in the forest, who persuaded the king to make peace after a terrible and long war.


Savina: Battlefield Dancer

Savina always stands at the center of the cause. Where Savina is, it can never be quiet.


Sylphid: Scent of Spring

Sylphid, the spirit of spring, was born from the petals of the first Spring Rain. The scent left in the places he passed by leads people to a pleasant nap.


Theodora: Silver Queen

Theodora, the proud queen of the fairy clan that resides in the Moonlight Forest. It is said that an ancient wind is carried on her wings.


Ariya: Giant’s Breath

Ariya, who was treated like a baby, although she was of the largest race, the Sung Giants. When she saw a human for the first time in her life, she was embarrassed by the difference in strength.


Gerthion: Shadow Dagger

The famous assassin and sniper, Gerthion. He is still persuading Namalie, for the sake of fulfilling his dream of raising a successor which he hadn’t achieved in his lifetime.


Nunet: Eyes of Darkness

Zerka’s only step-sister, Nunet. With the eyes inherited from her mother, she sees through the darkness and predicts a person’s life and death.


Varaq: Abyss Wolf

Varaq, the last remaining werewolf of the ancient race that has now disappeared. He is the guardian of all wolves and abyss in the world.


Iris & Arke: Twin Fairies

Twin fairies that were born at the same time. Iris took one of her iridescent wings and gave it to Arke, and lost the power of light.


Zerka: Shadow Monarch

On the day Zerka was born, the light of the world disappeared. He later reigns as a Shadow Monarch, succeeding his parents, who were former Dark Elves Royalty.

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