Gran Weapons

Gran Weapons

Story of Gran Weapons

A special relationship with beings that have crossed time and space

There were countless people in the land. They spent their own time, fulfilling their own dreams, pursuing desires, and eventually becoming heroes. Heroes were those who engraved memories on the land. The life of a curved hero painted a spiral that is more beautiful and complex than any other. Joy and sorrow, glory and pain, fierce life, and fleeting death. As much as the time the land ran, the beings on the land also advanced.

The world has always sought heroes, and in response to the call, they are born and passed away. The beginning of life always calls the end, and the end has created a swamp of darkness for those who desire. The great people who existed in the great earth were swallowed up by the darkness where nothing existed and disappeared after my life.

The goddess considered life stupid. It was the land where the goddess fell. The goddess loved those who lived more beautiful and splendid lives on the land of the goddess. The goddess did not abandon the hero who ran the land of life and was swallowed by the swamp of darkness. The mortal fantasies they have created will be reborn with joys and sorrows and above all, with a strong will. There will be a great light to illuminate Esprogen and will receive the voice of the goddess and sprinkle a great and beautiful light on the world that follows.

The blessing of the goddess resides in the soul of the past and the present of you. Their souls will come to you with the will of the goddess. Who wants to be a knight of this world, show a stronger will than anyone else, and resonate with them. Goddess’ blessings will awaken great heroes and transform them into weapons for you.

List of Gran Weapons


Row 1Row 2Row 3Row 4Row 5Row 6
Gran Weapon Shutendouji ThumbnailGran Weapon Urael ThumbnailGran Weapon Agni ThumbnailGran Weapon Ingrid ThumbnailGran Weapon Baaljad ThumbailGran Weapon Mertes Thumbail
Gran Weapon Iris and Arke ThumbnailGran Weapon Varaq ThumbnailGran Weapon Nunet ThumbnailGran Weapon Rosalia ThumbnailGran Weapon Mezrael ThumbnailGran Weapon Tristan Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Seth ThumbnailGran Weapon Rize ThumbnailGran weapon Arisa ThumbnailGran Weapon Wilhelm ThumbnailGran Weapon Ophelia ThumbnailGran Weapon Princess Bari Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Magnus ThumbailGran Weapon Chiyo Thumbnail UnlockedGran Weapon Sehpiel ThumbnailGran Weapon Poseidon ThumbnailGran Weapon Aisha Thumbail UnlockedGran Weapon Dolores Thumbail
Gran Weapon Hyphox Thumbnail UnlockedGran Weapon Habaek ThumbnailGran Weapon Ramael ThumbnailGran Weapon Athena ThumbnailGran Weapon Silvano ThumbnailGran Weapon Hegena Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Betha ThumbnailGran Weapon Savina ThumbnailGran Weapon Corbett ThumbnailGran Weapon Taniel ThumbnailGran Weapon Helios ThumbnailGran Weapon Samael Thumbail
Gran Weapon Telemis ThumbailGran Weapon Scheherazade ThumbailGran Weapon Abry ThumbailGran weapon Azael ThumbnailGran Weapon Hades ThumbnailGran Weapon Zerka Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Theodora ThumbnailGran Weapon Gerthion ThumbnailGran Weapon Ariya ThumbnailGran Weapon Sylphid ThumbnailGran Weapon Haru ThumbnailGran Weapon Zakiel Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Zeus ThumbailGran Weapon Tsubasa ThumbnailGran Weapon Zato ThumbnailGran Weapon Khan ThumbnailGran Weapon Mayuki ThumbnailGran Weapon Dueogsini Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Luciel ThumbnailGran Weapon Gang Lim ThumbnailGran Weapon Gaby ThumbnailGran Weapon Bador ThumbnailGran Weapon Douglas ThumbnailGran Weapon Selphilis Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Brigael ThumbnailGran Weapon Susanoo ThumbnailGran Weapon Hatou ThumbnailGran Weapon Nagomi ThumbnailGran Weapon Kei ThumbnailGran Weapon Yuka Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Eunha ThumbnailGran Weapon Hong-Gildong ThumbnailGran Weapon Gaondaesa ThumbnailGran Weapon Yeonnolbu ThumbnailGran Weapon Klaytn ThumbnailGran Weapon Lumiere Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Apollon ThumbnailGran Weapon Nike ThumbnailGran Weapon Baldr ThumbnailGran Weapon Aegis Thumbnail


Row 1Row 2Row 3Row 4Row 5Row 6
Gran Weapon Prettia ThumbnailGran Weapon Dragonia ThumbnailGran Weapon Flora ThumbnailGran Weapon Flamingo Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Pacey Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Czerny Unlocked Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Aquala Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Beyla Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Partani Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Largo Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Nelly Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Zenaice Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Inferni ThumbnailGran Weapon Akhenate Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Ailee ThumbnailGran Weapon Maylin Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Demian Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Yuria Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Setila ThumbnailGran Weapon Mika ThumbnailGran Weapon Firmo ThumbnailGran Weapon Barsa Unlocked ThumbailGran Weapon Luna ThumbnailGran Weapon Blaesilla Unlocked Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Natsune ThumbnailGran Weapon Anahi Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Sako ThumbnailGran Weapon Tenbatsu ThumbnailGran Weapon Kanna ThumbnailGran Weapon Neotera Thumbnail
Gran Weapon Lileath ThumbnailGran Weapon Felix Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Kazanami Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Shin ThumbnailGran Weapon Setsuna Unlocked ThumbnailGran Weapon Harol Unlocked Thumbnail


Gran WeaponNameRarityUserAttributeBuffDebuffCCPassiveTarget typeAvailable
Gran Weapon Agni ThumbnailAgniSSRLasFire[None](AOE), [Burn](AOE), [Down][All], [Increase DMG to Wind monsters][AOE][Korea]
Gran Weapon Urael ThumbnailUraelSSRLasFire(Self), [Transform], [Additional Turn Arena], [DEF+][None](Single), [Stun][None][Single][Korea]
Gran Weapon Ingrid ThumbnailIngridSSRLasFire(Self), [Vampire Effect][None][None][None][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Baaljad ThumbailBaaljadSSRLasFire[None][None][None][All], [Poison Res][Single], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Mertes ThumbailMertesSSRLasFire[None](AOE), [Ignition][Down][Self], [Ignition][Single], [AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Magnus ThumbailMagnusSSRLasFire(Self), [Critical Rate+][None][None][All], [ATK Power+][Single], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Poseidon ThumbnailPoseidonSSRSeriadWater(AOE), [Shield], [HP Recovery Effect][None][None][All], [Increase DMG to Fire monsters][AOE][Korea]
Gran Weapon Aisha Thumbail UnlockedAishaSSRSeriadWater(Self), [Transform](AOE), [Wet][None][None][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Sehpiel ThumbnailSehpielSSRSeriadWater(Self), [Transform], [Additional Turn Arena], [Shield][None](AOE), [Water Drop][None][AOE][Korea]
Gran Weapon Dolores ThumbailDoloresSSRSeriadWater(AOE), [HP Recovery Effect], [Resurrection][None][None][All], [Basic ATK DMG+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Habaek ThumbnailHabaekSSRSeriadWater(AOE), [DMG+], [LP+][None][None][All], [Liberation Skill DMG+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Hyphox Thumbnail UnlockedHyphoxSSRSeriadWater[None][None](AOE), [Slow][All], [Knockback Res][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Hegena ThumbnailHegenaSSRWyinEarth[None][None][Down][Self], [Block+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Betha ThumbnailBethaSSRWyinEarth[None](Single), [Decrease DEF], [Disable Shielding][None][All], [Burn Res][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Silvano ThumbnailSilvanoSSRWyinEarth(AOE), [Block Rate+], [Reduce DMG received], (Self), [Transform][None][None][None][Non-DMG Ability][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Savina ThumbnailSavinaSSRWyinEarth(Self), [Thorn][None][None][All], [DEF+][AOE], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Ramael ThumbnailRamaelSSRWyinEarth(Self), [Transform], [DMG against Water enemies+], [Immune to inability to act](Single), [Decrease DEF](Single), [Taunt][None][Single], [AOE][Korea]
Gran Weapon Athena ThumbnailAthenaSSRWyinEarth(Self), [Boss DMG+][None](Single), (AOE), [Petrification][All], [Increase DMG to Water monsters][Single], [AOE][Korea]
Gran Weapon Samael ThumbailSamaelSSRQuyiFire(Self), [Transform], [Immune to inability to act], [Shield](AOE), [Decrease DEF][None][Self], [Basic Attacks deals Magic DMG][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Telemis ThumbailTelemisSSRQuyiFire[None][None][None][Self], [Magic DMG+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Scheherazade ThumbailScheherazadeSSRQuyiFire(Self), [Shield][None][None][All], [Down Res][Single], [AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Abry ThumbailAbrySSRQuyiFire[None](AOE), [Increase Magic DMG received](AOE), [Air][All], [DMG+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Taniel ThumbnailTanielSSRQuyiFire(AOE), [Magic DMG+], (Self), [Transform](Single), [Burn][None][None][AOE][Korea]
Gran Weapon Helios ThumbnailHeliosSSRQuyiFire[None](AOE), [Blind][None][All], [Boss DMG+][Single], [AOE][Korea]
Gran Weapon Zerka ThumbnailZerkaSSRKarteDarkness(Self), [Critical Rate+], [Transform], [Evasion+], [Critical DMG+][None][None][None][Single], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Iris and Arke ThumbnailIris and ArkeSSRKarteDarkness(Self), [Additional Turn Arena][None][None][All], [Critical Rate+][Single], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Varaq ThumbnailVaraqSSRKarteDarkness[None][None](AOE), [Restraint][All], [Air Res][AOE], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Nunet ThumbnailNunetSSRKarteDarkness[None](AOE), [Poison], [Decreases LP][None][Self], [LP+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran weapon Azael ThumbnailAzaelSSRKarteDarkness(Self), [Boss: Critical DMG+], [Transform](Single), [Pain][None][None][AOE][Korea]
Gran Weapon Hades ThumbnailHadesSSRKarteDarkness[None](Single), (AOE), [Physical DMG received+][None][All], [Increase DMG to Light monsters][Single], [AOE][Korea]
Gran Weapon Theodora ThumbnailTheodoraSSRNamalieWind(Self), [Transform], [Ignore DEF][None][None][None][Single], [AOE], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Gerthion ThumbnailGerthionSSRNamalieWind(Self), [Ignore DEF][None][None][All], [DMG+][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Ariya ThumbnailAriyaSSRNamalieWind[None][None](AOE), [Knockback][Self], [Arena DMG+][AOE], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Sylphid ThumbnailSylphidSSRNamalieWind[None][None][None][All], [Petrification Res][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Mezrael ThumbnailMezraelSSRNamalieWind(Self), [Ignore Block], [Transform], [Evasion+], [Additional Turn Arena](Single), [Shock], (AOE), [Unblockable][None][None][Single], [AOE][Korea]
Gran Weapon Tsubasa ThumbnailTsubasaSSROrtaLight(Self), [Transform], [Boss DMG+][None][None][None][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Zato ThumbnailZatoSSROrtaLight(Self), [Critical DMG+][None][None][Self], []Ignore DEF%][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Khan ThumbnailKhanSSROrtaLight(AOE), [Agility+][None][None][All], [Decrease enemies LP when entering Arena][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Mayuki ThumbnailMayukiSSROrtaLight[None][None](AOE), [Slow][All], [Wet Res][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Prettia ThumbnailPrettiaSRLasFire(Self), [Vampire Effect][None][None][Self], [HP+], [HP%+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Dragonia ThumbnailDragoniaSRLasFire[None][None](Single), [Stun][None][Single], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Flora ThumbnailFloraSRLasFire(Self), [DEF+], [Physical DMG+][None][None][All], [Bleeding Res][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Flamingo Unlocked ThumbnailFlamingoSRLasFire(Self), [DMG against Wind enemies+](Single), [Decreases LP][None][None][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Pacey Unlocked ThumbnailPaceySRSeriadWater(AOE), [Shield][None][None][All], [Stun Res][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Czerny Unlocked ThumbnailCzernySRSeriadWater[None][None](AOE), [Water Drop][None][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Aquala Unlocked ThumbnailAqualaSRSeriadWater(Self), [DMG against Fire enemies+][None][None][Self], [DMG+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Beyla Unlocked ThumbnailBeylaSRSeriadWater(AOE), [HP Recovery Effect][None][None][Self], [HP Recovery+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Partani Unlocked ThumbnailPartaniSRWyinEarth(AOE), [DEF+][None][None][Self], [Block DMG Reduction+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Largo Unlocked ThumbnailLargoSRWyinEarth[None][None](AOE), [Taunt][Self], [Reduce DMG taken from taunted enemies][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Nelly Unlocked ThumbnailNellySRWyinEarth[None][None](AOE), [Knockback][All], [Slow Res][AOE], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Zenaice ThumbnailZenaiceSRWyinEarth(Self), [Block Rate+][None][None][Self], [Taunt enemies when entering Arena][Single], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Inferni ThumbnailInferniSRQuyiFire[None][None](AOE), [Silence][None][AOE], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Akhenate Unlocked ThumbnailAkhenateSRQuyiFire(Self), [Magic DMG+], [Reduce MP consumption][None][None][Self], [MP Recovery+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Maylin Unlocked ThumbnailMaylinSRQuyiFire[None][None](AOE), [Slow][None][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Demian Unlocked ThumbnailDemianSRKarteDarkness[None][None](AOE), [Taunt][Self], [Agility%+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Yuria ThumbnailYuriaSRKarteDarkness(Self), [DMG against Normal monsters+][None][None][Self], [Reduce CD on Nomral Skill][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Setila ThumbnailSetilaSRKarteDarkness(Self), [Skill CD when Crit][None][None][All], [Freeze Res][Single], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Mika ThumbnailMikaSRKarteDarkness(Self), [Boss: Critical DMG+][None][None][Self], [Boss DMG+][Single], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Firmo ThumbnailFirmoSRNamalieWind(Self), [DMG against Earth enemies+][None][None][Self], [Increase DMG to Normal monsters][Single], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Barsa Unlocked ThumbailBarsaSRNamalieWind[None][None](AOE), [Air][None][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Luna ThumbnailLunaSRNamalieWind(Self), [Summon][None](Single), [Stun][Self], [Basic ATK DMG+][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Blaesilla Unlocked ThumbnailBlaesillaSRNamalieWind(Self), [DMG+ to lower HP][None][None][All], [Electric Shock Res][Single], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Natsune ThumbnailNatsuneSROrtaLight(Self), [DMG+ for each enemy within range][None][None][All], [Electric Shock Res][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Anahi Unlocked ThumbnailAnahiSROrtaLight[None](Single), [Reduce HP Recovery Rate][None][Self], [Boss DMG+][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Sako ThumbnailSakoSROrtaLight(AOE), [Reduce CD], [Attack+][None][None][Self], [Basic ATK DMG+][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Tenbatsu ThumbnailTenbatsuSROrtaLight[None][None](Single), [Stun][None][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Shiodora ThumbnailShiodoraRLasFire[None][None](AOE), [Down][None][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Ludwig Unlocked ThumbnailLudwigRLasFire(Self), [Critical Rate+][None][None][All], [Poison Res][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Rina Unlocked ThumbnailRinaRLasFire(Self), [DMG against Wind enemies+][None][None][All], [Bleeding Res][Single], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Hart Unlocked ThumbnailHartRLasFire(Self), [Summon][None][None][None][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Opeth Unlocked ThumbnailOpethRSeriadWater(Self), [Summon][None](AOE), [Pull][None][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Benedict Unlocked ThumbnailBenedictRSeriadWater(AOE), [HP Recovery Effect][None][None][All], [Stun Res][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Chiyo Unlocked ThumbnailChiyoRSeriadWater[None](Single), [Wet][None][All], [Knockback Res][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Raham Unlocked ThumbnailRahamRSeriadWater[None][None](AOE), [Knockback][None][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Levina Unlocked ThumbnailLevinaRWyinEarth[None][None](Single), [Pull][None][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Chiria Unlocked ThumbnailChiriaRWyinEarth(Self), [Block Rate+][None][None][None][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Tacion Unlocked ThumbnailTacionRWyinEarth(Self), [DMG against Water enemies+][None][None][All], [Slow Res][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Goliath Unlocked ThumbnailGoliathRWyinEarth[None][None](Single), [Knockback][All], [Burn Res][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Bryn Unlocked ThumbnailBrynRQuyiFire(Self), [Magic DMG+][None][None][None][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Hector Unlocked ThumbnailHectorRQuyiFire[None](Single), [Decrease DEF][None][None][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Corbett Unlocked ThumbnailCorbettRQuyiFire(Self), [DMG against Wind enemies+][None][None][All], [Bind Res][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Maya Unlocked ThumbnailMayaRQuyiFire[None][None][None][All], [Down Res][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Shakira Unlocked ThumbnailShakiraRKarteDarkness(Self), [Reduce CD on Skill 1 when killing an enemy][None][None][None][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Darpa Unlocked ThumbnailDarpaRKarteDarkness(Self), [Boss: Critical DMG+][None][None][All], [Air Res][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Rita Unlocked ThumbnailRitaRKarteDarkness(Self), [Critical Rate+][None][None][None][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Fatima Unlocked ThumbnailFatimaRKarteDarkness[None][None][None][All], [Freeze Res][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Free Unlocked ThumbnailFreeRNamalieWind(Self), [DMG against Earth enemies+][None][None][All], [Electric Shock Res][Single], [Multi-hit][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Rosalia Unlocked ThumbnailRosaliaRNamalieWind(AOE), [Attack+][None][None][None][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Demley Unlocked ThumbnailDemleyRNamalieWind(Self), [DMG+ for each enemy within range][None][None][None][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Kayla Unlocked ThumbnailKaylaRNamalieWind[None][None][None][All], [Petrification Res][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Aina Unlocked ThumbnailAinaROrtaLight[None][None][None][All], [Electric Shock Res][AOE][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Sourin Unlocked ThumbnailSourinROrtaLight(Self), [Boss DMG+][None][None][All], [Wet Res][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Hotaru Unlocked ThumbnailHotaruROrtaLight[None](Single), [Reduce HP Recovery Rate][None][None][Single][Korea], [Japan]
Gran Weapon Haru Unlocked ThumbnailHaruROrtaLight(Self), [Ignore DEF][None][None][None][Single][Korea], [Japan]

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