Gran Weapon Ingrid

Gran Weapon Ingrid

About Ingrid

Ingrid is an SSR grade Gran Weapon and is one of the few ones that can transform the character into the Gran Soul of the weapon. And the character who can use this Gran Weapon is Las. Which also makes Ingrid a Gran Weapon of the element of fire. Ingrid is also a Gran Weapon that appears in the storyline, which gives Las power as he encounters his enemy.

As Ingrid is used by Las, the Gran Weapon is in the form of a sword. And the sword form is a double sword.



  • Name: Ingrid
  • Gender: Male
  • Race/Tribe: Human
  • Affiliation: Immortal Ruler
  • Hobby: Physical Training
  • Habit: Coughing a little before speaking
  • Likes: Las, himself, a fancy chair
  • Dislikes: Shabby things, tall people


Normal Skill:

Ingrid Normal Skill

Blazing Tornado

“Detonates the enemy by exploding the spirit energy”.

Deals 370% Physical Damage to a single enemy and increase Attack Damage by 15% on yourself for 15 seconds.

Skill Cooldown: 20 seconds.
MP Consumption: 66.


Liberation Skill:

Ingrid Liberation Skill


“The power of the fire spirit Ingrid descends”.

  • Transform into [Ingrid] for 30 seconds
  • Damage Immunity effect for 3 seconds
  • Increases the Speed of Basic Attack
  • Increases Attack by 350
  • Deals 30% Physical Damage every 2 seconds to nearby targets

Skill Cooldown: 180 seconds
Consumes LP


Extra Transcendence Options

1 Star

Ingrid Transcendence Option 1

Liberation Skill: Gains a Vampire effect which heals you for 10% of the damage dealt.

2 Star

Ingrid Transcendence Option 2

Normal Skill: Enhances Skill Damage to 430%.

3 Star

Ingrid Transcendence Option 3

Normal Skill: Enhances Increase Attack Damage Buff to 25%.

4 Star

Ingrid Transcendence Option 4

Liberation Skill: Damage increases by 10% per 20% decrease of your HP (up to 40% increased damage).

5 Star

Ingrid Transcendence Option 5

Liberation Skill: Enhances Vampire effect to 20% of the damage dealt.

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