Gran Saga Release Date and information

Gran Saga Release Date and information

Gran saga is an Korean anime MMORPG game developed by NPIXEL, with cross-platform gameplay between PC and Smartphones. NPIXEL has currently only released Gran Saga in Korea as of January 26th, and Japan as of November 18th. The global release for Gran Saga will most likely be followed next.

NPIXEL may be a new company, but they were among the people who developed the popular mobile game Seven Knights. Now they bring us Gran Saga. A game that’s created in Unreal Engine 4, so you can trust that the graphics are gonna be good. And decent mobile devices will probably be needed to fully enjoy the game. It’s also going to be one of the few games in this genre with PVP available in their content.

Before we dive into what makes it different from other MMORPGs, and the unique system of Gran Saga, let’s talk about what the game is about.

What is Gran Saga?

Gran Saga is a multi-platform game for both PC and mobile. It will be telling a story of a knight called “Las”. Who departs on an adventure to save the kingdom from a dragon’s curse, which you can get a glimpse of in the video below…

The video features a character called “Gran Lord Leon”. Which currently is not listed as one of the playable characters. But if you noticed in the video… it showcases the unique system of the game, called “The Gran Weapon System”. Which we will talk more about soon. First, let’s take a look at the characters you can play…

Playable characters

Gran Saga has 11 playable characters. And they cover the classic roles you would expect in MMORPG games. Curious about what they look like? Watch the YouTube video below…

Not all characters were shown in the video since some of them were released in later updates. But you can see the roles for all characters in the list below:

  • Las – Swordsman
  • Seriad – Healer/Support
  • Wyin – Tank/Heavy weapon user
  • Quyi – Mage
  • Karte – Assassin
  • Namalie – Ranger/Sniper/Gunner
  • Orta – Mage/Sword user
  • Jun – Mage/Doll user
  • Kaito – Samurai
  • Luciel – Spear user
  • Carshion – Assassin
  • Yuna – Healer/Mage

The Gran Weapon System

Gran Weapons is the weapon you will use with your character in Gran Saga. Each character has their own type of weapon they can use. Like Las only uses swords, and Karte only uses claws, etc. All Gran Weapons have grades ranging from R to SSR.

Most important to know is that each Gran Weapon has its own unique features and brings your characters different abilities. Depending on the roles of the character, the abilities could be healing, support, buff, debuff, crowd control, and so on. So which Gran Weapon you decide to use will affect the content or player in the arena you are trying to beat.

Gran Soul

Every Gran Weapon has a unique avatar or soul attached to it. So basically every weapon has its own personality. While there are a limited amount of characters to choose from as of now, you will have plenty of good-looking weapons to collect. Not convinced? Just take a look at them below and you will see what I mean…

Now that brings us to the next question… how do you obtain Gran Weapons?

Gacha System

Gran Saga MMORPG is a multiplatform available on both PC and mobile, but it’s first and foremost for mobile devices. For many mobile games, the Gacha system is a pretty common thing. Unlike other similar games, you will not need to summon characters through the Gacha system. And can pick the characters of your choice. But for Gran Weapons and Artifacts, you will have to try your luck through summoning.

So with all that said, when will Gran Saga be released?

Release Date

Gran Saga has been released in Korea on January 26th, 2021. And released in Japan on November 18th, 2021.


There is numerous content available in Gran Saga to keep you busy. Such as dungeons, Co-Op multiplayer content, Arena or PVP, Boss battles, etc. Most important, is the very long story gameplay that Gran Saga has.  Which will probably keep you busy for hours. If you are going to play with your friends you can even create a Guild together or even join one. So in other words, Gran Saga content will have a lot in store for you.

How to play Gran Saga

You can download the game by using the QooApp. For Gran Saga in Korea, a VPN is 100% required. For Gran Saga in Japan, it depends on which country you live in, some will require VPN and some not.

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