Gran Saga Content Gameplay

Gran Saga Content Gameplay

Tag and Team Play

The gameplay in Gran Saga is just like an MMORPG but with mobile game elements infused. You can move around in a 3D open world to defeat enemies, with the selected playable characters of your choice. What makes the gameplay of Gran Saga like a mobile game is that you can bring a team of 3 to battle. Which is similar to games that collect heroes. You can strategize which character to bring to maximize advantages for contents you are trying to beat. We will talk more about what content Gran Saga has very soon.

When you are in a battle in Gran Saga you will use a “Tag System” between your 3 selected characters. So in other words, you control one character at a time. And switch when you want to, for example, make use of another character’s Gran Weapon. Which is displayed in the video below.

The video starts with Tag play, then Team Play (3 character selection), and then some basic gameplay…

So now that you have gotten a glimpse of the gameplay of Gran Saga, how about we take a look at some contents of Gran Saga? Let’s start with dungeons and multiplayer content, which is called Rift and Skirmish.


Rift and Skirmish

What is a good game without multiplayer content? So here we have Rift and Skirmish. Let’s start talking about Skirmish first…

Skirmish is multiplayer content in the form of dungeons. You co-operate with 4 other players to beat the dungeon. As you progress through the dungeons, there will be various monsters popping up for you and your teammates to defeat. There will be a window showing each players’ damage contribution. So perhaps you can get carried by stronger friends or players. But one thing for sure is that you can show off the results of your grinding when you play with other players. If this isn’t enough multiplayer content, then let’s move on to Rift…

If Skirmish wasn’t enough for multiplayer content, then Gran Saga also has Rift. In Rift, you co-operate with 4 other players to defeat bosses. There will be various kinds of bosses you can challenge. But they will only appear at specific times.

You can get a glimpse of Skirmish and Rift in the video below. It starts by showing off Skirmish and then Rift…

As you can see in the video, the boss battles are very similar to MMORPG raids or boss battles. Boss skills have patterns that you need to avoid, etc. This makes Gran Saga very similar to a classic MMORPG.

In the video, they showcased one of the bosses called Griffon. We will mention more of the bosses soon. But before that, let’s take a look at some grinding content, where you can get stuff like equipments, etc…


Infinite Library

So, what is Infinite Library? If I could explain in as few words as possible… I would say it’s a combination of tower dungeons from hero collecting Gacha mobile games and a classic board game. Still confused? Hear me out…

The Infinite Library has many floors that you can challenge to reap many different kinds of rewards. On those floors, you move through panels, almost like a board game. And while you are in Infinite Library the graphic changes, so you will see a chibi version of your characters. As you move through the panels with your chibi characters, you can find treasures, get into battles where the graphic reverts back to normal for that battle, etc. One thing to note though is that if your character dies, it stays dead. Unless you progress to a panel that can let you resurrect a character. So in other words, there’s a lot of surprises in Infinite Library.

You can watch the video below to see what awaits in the Infinite Library…

Now that you have seen the multiplayer contents and grinding content… what about actually fighting other players? Worry not, there is Arena or PVP in Gran Saga. But with a slight twist to it…



You have now seen the gameplay of Gran Saga, which is like an open world MMORPG. The gameplay in Gran Saga’s PVP, or Arena, is a little different though…

You start by selecting 3 characters just like in normal gameplay. Then you can strategically place those 3 characters in any of the 9 tiles. When you fight against your opponent your characters will be in the position you have placed them. And in battle, you won’t be able to move them around, like how it is in normal gameplay. Instead, you can choose what skills of your characters to use. As for the positioning, it seems like characters that are in front have to be taken down before you can attack those in the back.

So in other words, the gameplay in Arena will be very similar to mobile heroes collecting Gacha RPG games. Each player’s characters will be on each side and fight each other. You will see a combat rating for your team’s overall strength. And of course, there will be rankings in Arena.

What’s interesting though, since everyone has the same available characters to choose from… so of course your choice of characters will be one factor, but the real interesting thing is probably what Gran Weapons you have and will be using. There are also artifacts that will probably play a huge role as well.

You can watch the video below to see what Gran Saga’s Arena is all about…

I feel the way Gran Saga went with Arena is pretty good. If they had PVP with normal gameplay, it would require both players to be present for the battle. Even though they could use AI for the defending team, the disadvantage for the defending player would be larger than normal. Imagine if your team was defending and they would use their Gran Weapons and skills in the worst possible situations. Or even targeting the wrong target like the tank. And being able to move around to dodge skills would give the present player a huge advantage.

If the game continues to grow, I believe they could implement live Arena with normal MMORPG gameplay where players battle in real-time.

With all that said about PVP and Arena,  how about we take a look at other forms of interaction with other players and your characters? Let’s take a look at Knight’s Hall and Guild Hall…


Knights Hall and Guild Hall

Knights Hall is where you can interact with your characters. And there are various things you can do here. Most interesting is probably how all characters will have a “heart rating” that indicates your bond with that character. By deepening the bond with a character you can unlock various kinds of rewards. One of the ways to do that seen so far is to feed cakes to a character.

Other than deepening the bond with a character, there are other features in the Knights Hall as well. Such as listening to character voice quotes, listening to BGMs, changing mounts, and so on…

Now let’s talk about Guild Hall. Just like in other MMORPGs or other mobile games, you can establish a Guild or join one to interact with other players. In the Guild Hall, you can see your members in their chosen character with their username on top of their head.

It’s not known yet if there are Guild Battles or any sorts of competition between Guild’s, but there are Guild Shop. In the Guild Shop, you can exchange with Guild currency for different things, such as SR Gran Weapons.  You can also contribute to the Guild by helping to level up the Guild buffs, which in turn will benefit you as well.

You can get a glimpse of the Knights Hall and the Guild Hall in the video below…

Lastly, we have the boss monsters you can challenge in Rift…


Boss Monsters:

Plains Tyrant – Ugaru:

Boss Ugaru Image

The leader of the Orcs. It has a cruel and violent tendency and is very difficult to deal with because of its high intelligence. They used to attack the villages and inflict great damage on the people, so the Gran Knights directly came and punished them. Using the characteristics of the orc that follows the boss to the end, it was sealed in the plains of the Goddess without killing Ugaru to prevent a new boss from appearing.


Fallen Griffon – Karma:

Boss Griffon Image

The guard of the sacred sanctuary of Karr Gorge. He rules the monsters in the gorge and is responsible for balancing the world. Griffon’s eyes are said to have the ability to distinguish between lie and truth, and those who lie in front of him will pay the price. However, this divine spirit was contaminated and corrupted by the unclean energy that permeated the Karr Gorge, and the order of the gorge collapsed.


Reaper of Sand – Desir:

Boss Desir Image

The head to the emerging religious forces in the Shimoha Desert. Originally from Kushan, he was exiled from the Shimoha Desert in a series of incidents. When he returned to the desert, he showed a “miracle” of raining in the desert and devoured the desert with his followers. In the Shimoha Desert, <Sand Reaper> has become an object of reverence and fear.


Guardian of the Temple – Aisha

Boss Aisha Image

The guardian of the temple, who has to guard the temple of eternity in return for sins. Originally, she was a beautiful spirit that was praised as the goddess of the sea, but it gradually lost its original form while guarding the temple alone for a long time. The glistering eyes of firearms were filled with poison, and the warm smile froze coldly. Now people call her the witch of the sea and avoided her.


Flame Swordhorse – Ballack

Boss Ballack Image

Dangerous and powerful being asleep in the Dragon’s Next. The man, who was an excellent prosecutor dreamed of a higher level, but couldn’t achieve it. Eventually, he fell on the forbidden proposal and burned himself as a human being. As good as a swordsman, Ballack carries the forbidden flames and wields hellish flames.


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