Playable Characters

Las Thumbnail


A boy who was raised by the hands of Khalitche, because he was an orphan since childhood. From a young age, he grew up listening to the heroic tales of the Gran Knights from Khalitche. He longs for the Gran Knights and their leader, Gran Lord. Currently, he is working hard to overcome his goal, the Gran Lord.


Seriad Thumbnail


She doesn’t remember anything about herself. Without knowing why she was chased by a Death Knight. At the moment of absolute despair, she met Khalitche, Las, and their party who were on a mission. She joined the knights with the help of Las and his party. She feels a little impatient and anxious about not remembering her own memories.


Wyin Thumbnail


He always thinks of his comrades and he has a strong sense of responsibility. Wyn is the actual leader of the Templar. He is also the guardian of Las, always feeling like he’s the older one. So he is caring and respects everyone’s wishes. However, he is not good at taking care of himself.


Quyi Thumbnail


Although she was born with excellent magical talent, being unable to control it, she was treated as a pet and was expelled from her hometown. When she was wandering around, she met Las and joined the knights. Now that she opened her heart, she now plays all sorts of jokes and became a badass at the Knights Templar.


Karte Thumbnail


A dark elf with a strong pride, who has lived being compared to his brother, a genius. After his brother’s death, he was influenced by the character of Khalitche, who was his boss and joined the Knights Templar. His days are now started with the pressure to become stronger. He has a cynical personality, and he strives to become stronger.


Namalie Thumbnail


She lived as a mercenary to earn medical expenses for her sick brother. After meeting Khalitche, she joined the Knights Templar. She is excellent at commanding during battles with her experience accumulate during her mercenary life. She hates being bound by rules and restrictions. And she has a lonely personality. Her dream is to meet someone she loves.


Sub Characters

Carshion Thumbail


He’s a member of the Gran Knights, who participated in the Black Dragon War and defeated the Black Dragon with Leon. He once disappeared, and then appeared again. It’s hard to believe that he was one of the Gran Knights and it confuses Las and his party.


Veil Thumbail


He is the head of the church, who is a gentle and polite person, with absolute belief in the goddess. Regardless of their status or affiliation, he always treats people fairly, so he is known for having good character.


Elisa Thumbnail


After graduation from Knights School with excellent grades, she was assigned to the Knight’s Corps Support Department. She is a hard worker, is diligent, and has a pretty good appearance and excellent attachment.


Reinhilt Thumbnail


He is a member of the Gran Knights who participated in the Black Dragon War and defeated the Black Dragon with Leon, and is the current Prime Minister of the Esprogen Kingdom. He runs the state of affairs while supporting the young Queen, Lea.


Lea Thumbnail


She lost her parents and became the Queen at a young age. She rules the country with the help of the Prime Minister Reinhilt, and Archbishop Chloe.


Gran Lord Leon Thumbnail


The legendary hero who led the Gran Knights during the Black Dragon War, and was called the Gran Lord. He swore to be the sword and shield of the Esprogen family, but his whereabouts are now unknown.


Eyfa, Edan, Loam Thumbnail

Eyfa, Edan, Loam:

This is a team of Knights that revolves around Eyfa, a rich girl who frequently causes accidents with her arbitrary personality. Loam takes the role of Eyfa’s guardian, and Edan who is naturally weak takes the role of Eyfa’s doctor.


Eve Thumbnail


A mysterious girl who manages the Holy Tree in the garden of Ragnadea. She knows more about Gran Souls and Gran weapons than anyone else. She connects the people of this world with Gran Souls through the Holy Tree.


Khalitche Thumbnail


He is a member of the Gran Knights who participated in the war of the Black Dragon and defeated the Black Dragon with Leon. He is also a reliable protector of Las.


Fiona Thumbail


As a commander who is respected by soldiers, she has excellent sword skills. With a straight-forward personality, all soldiers of the Esprogen army, regardless of position, consider Fiona a great talent.


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