Gran Saga picture

Gran saga is an upcoming Korean anime MMORPG game developed by NPIXEL. NPIXEL may be a new company, but they were among the people who developed the popular mobile game Seven Knights. Now they bring us Gran Saga. A game created in Unreal Engine 4, so you can trust that the graphics are gonna be good. And decent mobile devices will probably be needed to fully enjoy the game.

Before we dive into what makes it different from other MMORPGs, and the unique system of Gran Saga, let’s talk about the game is about.

What is Gran Saga?

Gran Saga is a multi-platform game for both PC and mobile. It will be telling a story of a knight called “Las”. Who departs on an adventure to save the kingdom from a dragon’s curse, Which you can get a glimpse of in the video

The video features a character called “Gran Lord Leon”. Which currently is not listed as one of the playable characters. But if you noticed in the video… it showcases the unique system of the game, called “The Gran Weapon System”. Which we will talk more about soon. First, let’s take a look at the characters you can play…

Playable characters

NPIXEL has so far unveiled 6 playable characters. And they cover the classic roles you would expect in MMORPG games. Curious about what they look like? Watch the YouTube video below…

Going by the order in the video, we can deduce that it’s gonna be something like this:

  • Las – Swordsman
  • Seriad – Healer/Support
  • Wyin – Tank/Heavy weapon user
  • Quyi – Mage
  • Karte – Assassin
  • Namalie – Ranger/Sniper/Gunner

But that’s not all. There are 4 more characters yet to be unveiled. So for you guys who got charmed by “Gran Lord Leon”, there’s still a chance he will be unveiled as a playable character. With that said, let’s take a look at the Gran Weapon System.

The Gran Weapon System

So what is the Gran Weapon System? It’s a system that lets you dictate the playstyle of your choice! What Gran Saga aims for, is to replace the traditional vertical progression system of classic MMORPGs. In other words, it will replace the traditional combat power rating system and give you, the player, the power to choose your playstyle and the characteristic of your character. How cool isn’t that?

But how many weapons are there in the Gran Saga MMO you might ask?

Plenty of weapons…

Well, to not let you down, when Gran Saga was announced, the weapon count was at 20. With regular updates from the developers, there are now over 20 weapons (like 28?) and probably still increasing.

If that’s not enough, wait till you hear this…

Gran Soul

Every Gran Weapon has a unique avatar or soul attached to it. So basically every weapon has its own personality. While there are a limited amount of characters to choose from as of now, you will have plenty of good looking weapons to collect. Not convinced? Just take a look at them below and you will see what I mean…

Now that brings us to the next question… how do you obtain Gran Weapons?

Possible Gacha System

Gran Saga MMORPG is a multiplatform available on both PC and mobile, but it’s first and foremost for mobile devices. For many mobile games, the Gacha system is a pretty common thing. And watching the video, it seems very likely that you obtain weapons from Gacha. Which I like. Since I’m a hardcore mobile games fan.

So with all that said, when will Gran Saga be released?

Release Date

NPIXEL has stated a release this year in Korea. And an estimated release date globally late 2021 or early 2022. But what does that mean? It means I got you covered! I will be translating the game when it’s out, so you don’t have to wait over a year just to play the game. So even if you’re non-Korean, you can find resources for you to enjoy the game here. Please bookmark the website and subscribe to my newsletter for future updates.

CBT – Closed beta

CBT has been announced for the game. And will be available from September 20, 2020. While you can only participate if you have a Korean mobile number, it means the game development is progressing smoothly.