Gran Saga

Hyphox Thumbnail Unlocked

Gran Weapon Hyphox

Skills Normal Skill: Coil Water Dragon “Hyphox’s dragon appears and annihilates the enemy“. Summons [Water Dragon] to deal 225% Magic Damage to enemies within range … Read more

Dolores Thumbail

Gran Weapon Dolores

Skills Normal Skill: Aqua Orchestra “Heal allies with the sound from playing the harp”. Grant Hp recovery effect equal to 6% of Combat Power every … Read more

Aisha Thumbail Unlocked

Gran Weapon Aisha

Skills Normal Skill: Aqua Spikes “Shoots a water cannon to attack enemies”. Deals 220% Magic Damage to enemies within range with a 100% chance to … Read more

Mertes Thumbail

Gran Weapon Mertes

Skills Normal Skill: Blaze Explosion “The sword contains flames and explodes on the ground and burn”. Deals 250% Physical Damage to enemies within range with … Read more

Magnus Thumbail

Gran Weapon Magnus

Skills Normal Skill: Fire Impact “Approaches the target and swings the sword to create flames”. Attacks a single enemy twice and deals 240% Physical Damage … Read more

Baaljad Thumbail

Gran Weapon Baaljad

Skills Normal Skill: Dragon Fang “Rushes to the target with the energy of the dragon”. Attack a single enemy 3 times and deals 270% Physical … Read more

Ingrid Thumbnail

Gran Weapon Ingrid

About Ingrid Ingrid is an SSR grade Gran Weapon and is one of the few ones that can transform the character into the Gran Soul … Read more

Gran Saga Characters Image


Playable Characters Las: A boy who was raised by the hands of Khalitche, because he was an orphan since childhood. From a young age, he … Read more