Gran Saga

Lord of Fire Thumbnail

Artifact Lord of Fire

Skills Passive Skill: Lord of Fire [Boss] Damage increased by 20%. Increases damage against Wind Attribute monsters by 10%.   Extra Transcendence Options 1 Star … Read more

Sia Thumbnail

Gran Weapon Sia

Skills Normal Skill: Flower Enchantment “Strengthen yourself with the power of flowers”. Increases Critical damage to self by 10% for 15 seconds. Skill Cooldown: 19 … Read more

Harol Thumbnail

Gran Weapon Harol

Skills Normal Skill: Flower Drop “Leaps to the enemy and strikes the enemy”. Deals 160% Magic damage to a single enemy. Flower Drop cooldown resets … Read more

Shin Thumbnail

Gran Weapon Shin

Skills Normal Skill: Ice Slash “Cleaves the enemy with a chill”. Deals 190% Physical damage to a single enemy. 70% chance to inflict 15% Wet … Read more

Setsuna Thumbnail

Gran Weapon Setsuna

Skills Normal Skill: Ice Tornado “Creates a whirlwind of ice to attack the target”. Deals 160% Physical damage to enemies within range. 60% chance to … Read more

Kazanami Thumbnail

Gran Weapon Kazanami

Skills Normal Skill: Ice Piercing “Penetrate enemies quickly”. Deals 210% Physical damage to a single enemy. Increases damage dealt to enemies with 50% or less … Read more