Gran Saga

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Artifact List SSR: Halfpas’ Footprint Barbatos’ Wind Night of Kaim Guardian of Heaven Abyssal Gatekeeper Heart of Celina Banquet of Flowers Tahama’s Brand Guardian of … Read more

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Gran Weapons

Story of Gran Weapons A special relationship with beings that have crossed time and space There were countless people in the land. They spent their … Read more

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Gran Weapon Klaytn

Skills Normal Skill: Dragon Dive “Jumps into the enemy and unleashes a blow with the power of the Black Dragon”. Deals 250% Physical Damage to … Read more

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Gran Weapon Eunha

Skills Normal Skill: Fox Spirit “A fox spirit rushes to the target, dealing damage”. Deals 360% Magic damage to a single enemy. Increases your own … Read more

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Gran Weapon Yeonnolbu

Skills Normal Skill: Wind of Repentance “Cranes creates winds, injuring enemies”. Deals 260% Magic damage to enemies within range. And with a 100% chance to … Read more

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Gran Weapon Hong-Gildong

Skills Normal Skill: Capture the Villain “The villains are locked up in dolls and they get upset”. Deals 250% Magic damage to enemies within range. … Read more

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Gran Weapon Gaondaesa

Skills Normal Skill: Blooming Lotus “Heals allies by blooming a lotus flower with the power of recovery”. Recovers HP equal to 30% of Attack Power … Read more